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We ensure that your property is in good condition and that you can enjoy it carefree. Our qualified staff quickly, efficiently and discreetly resolves all matters related to your real estate in Zadar.

The property requires year-round care. To ensure that the lines and connections are always in good condition, even when you are not using them, we regularly check their condition. We take care of your assets from technology to plants. After each visit you will receive a report from us to keep you updated. You can’t expect any unpleasant surprises with us on your next visit.

Maintenance services
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Machine for removing chewing gum

A chewing gum cleaning machine is a device that is specially designed to remove chewing gum from various surfaces, such as pavements, asphalt, carpets and other types of floors. This machine typically uses a combination of heat, moisture, chemicals, and mechanical brushes or nozzles to effectively remove chewing gum without damaging the surrounding material.

This machine is ideal for cleaning public areas, squares, parks, schoolyards and other areas where chewing gum is present and regular cleaning is required.

The combination of steam and a biodegradable cleaning agent based on cereal extracts make it environmentally friendly in all places.

Where is it used?
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